Monday, 5 July 2010

What a busy month!

It's been completely mad this past month.  I completed the June Loons challenge, listing 30 items during the month, and I'm pleased to say that lots of my animals are now settled in new homes!  Now well into the first week of July Jester's listings club and six sales already. Yippeeeeee!

We've had our OFSTED inspection at school, so feel a weight has lifted, and it's only two and a bit weeks until the summer holidays when I can get down to some serious stitching (and a bit of house decorating).

I've also been busy setting up my website - still under construction, but beginning to feel more me (to be honest it's all a bit too technical - if I could just get the 'contact us' link off the Home page I'd be really chuffed).
See what you think at

Hope to see you in Horsforth in a couple of weeks time!

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