Friday, 6 August 2010

Folksy Friday

I've given up on the decorating today and thought I would do my second Folksy Friday blog post - which is long overdue!

My first featured items have to be from one of my favourite shops on Folksy, Whimsical Wren Jewellery. I bought two beautiful necklaces from Jennie a little while ago, and have my eye on several others.  She has very kindly blogged about my creations over the past couple of months and I think is resonsible for half my sales in June and July,  thanks Jennie!

The above items can all be found in Jennie's shop.  Click on the picture or visit 
My recent creations have had a circus theme with Pip and Bebe, and tomorrow Nelly the Circus Elephant and I thought I would look on Folksy to find other circus themed creations.  I was not disappointed!  I could have easily selected 20 beautiful things to showcase, but then wouldn't have had time to finish Nelly for tomorrow's A-Team listing, so here are my favourite six...

1.  Here comes the circus print  by Laura-Kate Draws
2.  Paper circus with Dancing Foxes by Under The Stairs Studios
3.  here comes the Circus mug by Laura-Kate Draws
4.  Elephant necklace by kettle of fish
5.  the World's Strongest cat by Cirque de Chaussettes
6  The Circus is in town mini print by Blackoutwell

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