Friday, 25 February 2011

little dog #1

My first little old jointed dog is finally finished and he is just as cute as can be.  He is sitting quietly now after a mad moment of wagging, pouncing and barking when I told him he was going onto my blog. Agh puppies!  I am about to go and work some more on my list of orders.  I have a feeling that he is probably not going to stay still for long.. no doubt he will get up to mischief with Panda when my back is turned.   At least he has lots of little bells on his collar, so I will know where he is at all times...
Little dog is now available for adoption...please click here  adopted 2/3/11


Sam said...

OMG Sarah ... i can't believe how cute your newbies are .. i want them all !!

Love your stuff -Listen everyone -go visit Northfield Primitives for Fantastic creations ...xx
P.s Its sam who had the custom mice and dog :) x

Sam said...


This is another sam...Go and buy Northfield Primatives toys now! I bought one last week doggy with wheels - one word


Sam M xx

Rebecca said...

You are so incredibly talented! I love this little dog, what a handsome chap.... i'm sure it won't be long until he has a new home! x

Helmi said...

Looks great, love this blog.