Saturday, 9 April 2011

patriotic panda

Last week Panda was a rather ordinary looking panda, but then something strange happened (on Tuesday I think, or was it Wednesday?).

Anyway, Panda is rather excited by the prospect of the Olympic Games coming to London next summer.  We keep telling him it is not for ages yet, but Panda being panda is still trying to work out how many sleeps it is before the opening ceremony. Well last week, it might have been Thursday actually,  I reminded him of the forthcoming Royal wedding (he'd completely forgotten in all his efforts to work out the sleeps to the Olympics).  I had found a piece of lovely woven Union Jack ribbon in the drawer, as I was hunting for rusty bells.
"Would you like me to make you a special 'Royal ruff' to wear as we watch the Royal Wedding?", I asked.  Well, he almost burst with excitement, and before our very eyes his little ears and small black limbs changed colour and became midnight blue!
 "Now I will match the colours on my ruff...I'm red, white and BLUE", he said proudly. 
And as you can see, he is now a most patriotic panda!

Panda is rather hoping he will be adopted by someone who lives in London, so that he can eat masses of cake and really soak up the atmosphere of the coming events.  Really he's not fussy where in the UK he lives.... as long as there is always plenty of cake and tea, (and a telly on which to watch exciting national events and interesting documentaries) and he receives lots of love.

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