Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Peppe the Poodle

Cousin Peppe the Poodle has been for tea today
and Scruffy dog was most impressed by our elegant guest.
'He looks so smart and is very clever',
sighs Scruffy whistfully as he recalls Peppe's descriptions of 
dining in the most sophisticated restuarants and cafes in Paris,and tales of narrow escapes and adventures in the Far East during his youth,
stories which Peppe had entertained us with throughout the afternoon.

'You are clever too', I reasurred Scruffy, with a gentle tickle behind his ear. 'Yes, but I'll never be as smart as cousin Peppe', he sighed.
'No, he's a one of a kind for sure' I whispered as Scruffy drifted off to sleep on my lap.


hensteeth said...

Oh Scruffy, please do not feel in awe of Peppe, you are both wonderfully handsome, clever and very interesting to talk to.

Northfield Primitives said...

Scruffy thanks you for your kind words Viv. I have also reassured him that Peppe is a little too elegant for me and that I much prefer a Scruffy dog! Sarah x

fee @ chipper nelly said...

Love the new banner - OF COURSE I don't mind. (flattered!)
Lovely new makes as always!
fee x