Sunday, 12 January 2014

A happy and exciting New Year - welcome 2014


This will be very exciting for me (and at times probably a little scary) as I will be making some big life changes later in the year.  But whilst big steps are planned I have already begun some smaller ones since the New Year...    

I find a day is never so happy as when I can bounce out of bed and declare that today is an elephant sort of a day and stitch according.  Sometimes it is the arrival of a lovely new piece of mohair which will dictate the order of the day, or the thinking of a new design whilst on a particularly long walk with Mabel. 

So my little shops at Folksy and Etsy are sadly bare at the moment as I have decided to move from 'Made to Order' to listing things in stock.  I will be using my Blog regularly again, after neglecting it for over a year, and my Northfield page on Facebook to make regular updates about what I am making and where and when items will be available.

Happy, happy days to come.


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